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Student Feedback

You may be wondering if Fertility Awareness is right for you, if it's worth the effort, or if studying with me is a good way to go about learning it. Here you will find actual student feedback from people who have studied with me.

As you will see, the thing about Fertility Awareness that people don't realize is that it can be life-changing. In this respect it is completely different from other methods of birth control, because of course it is much more than birth control. Fertility Awareness can be used throughout a woman's fertile life, regardless of whether she is heterosexually active or not. When a woman practices Fertility Awareness, she is empowered. She can avoid pregnancy, seek to achieve it, and have a deep understanding of her cycles, which in turn can empower her around her sexuality and her reproductive health. If you are avoiding pregnancy right now, ask yourself, do you love your birth control?

You will see a variety of student feedback here, but the one thing almost every woman wonders, after she learns FA, is this: "Why didn't anyone teach me this before? Why didn't we learn this in school?" They feel, as do I, that every woman should have this knowledge.

"I used FAM successfully to avoid conception for 3 years after your class, and then we bat it out of the park on our first try. :) YAY FAM! "

"My partner is now an active participant w/regards to our birth control practices. Before, I was just simply on the pill and he had no worries. He finally understands that being on the pill was far from "worry-free" for me."

"I've always thought that my vagina was sick or broken despite what gynecologists have told me.   This class definitely helped me realize that my vagina is healthy and normal, and that my cycles are for the most part healthy and normal."

"I consider you to be absolutely essential in helping me and S. get pregnant with our daughter! And to learn all that amazing stuff about our bodies was such a gift as well."

"Reading about the method was a good start for me but I couldn't imagine having the confidence and knowledge to actually use the method without personal instruction. I would recommend your consultations to anyone who wants to learn the method."

"I'm a yoga teacher and Thai massage therapist, so care very much about my body, and learning to read its own signals as a way to be in control of my own cycle wasn't just useful, it was life changing."

"I can't thank you enough for your insight and support - and frankness - about attaining a comfortable, responsible and fun relationship with sexuality."

"Not only did I learn about my body but being able to read into the signs that my body gives to prevent & promote fertility is a GIFT. Thank you so much for sharing this brilliant knowledge... Every man & woman should know (or have the option to choose)."

(from a man:) "Fertility Awareness is our method for healthy, worry free, great sex. Everything else is just contraception. FA has been a great way for me to better understand [my girlfriend] and her body. This understanding has clearly brought us closer to each other. FA has changed her period from a mystery "nuisance" into something we can accurately predict and plan for."

"I think this workshop should be taught in schools all over the world. It's too bad that I had to wait this long to learn such important basics of fertility."

"While I know that getting pregnant is a blessing that only God can bestow, I believe that FAM was instrumental in channeling that blessing!"

"I feel confident in this method of birth control, so relieved to be done with barrier methods, and more in touch with and fascinated by my body."

"We love using FA! Postponing intercourse for periods of time has renewed the excitement in our 13 year relationship."

"Sharing this info with my boyfriend was actually fun. I am shocked that this info is not available to all women. I want to learn more!"

"We are so glad we took the workshop. As a woman, it has helped me to understand and be aware of my body on many different levels. It has helped R. to be a constant partner and participant in our family planning, and it has brought us closer together as a couple."

(From a man:) "I was interested in taking the course so I could learn more about this form of birth control.   But once in class, I realized how pregnancy achievement, health and birth control are actually all pieces of the same puzzle. The body awareness and pregnancy achievement components seemed quite practical."

"K. and I just wanted to thank you again for the class. We learned so much... I am so grateful to finally learn more about my body and to be able to make safe choices that benefit my overall health."

"I have a very natural lifestyle and was never happy about using chemical spermicides, but I was terrified of unintentional pregnancy. I feel more empowered now, like I'm doing something constructive to prepare for a long-term relationship."

"I have been afraid of my privates for a very long time - I never knew what was going on. Turns out, what I thought was a perpetual yeast infection is just cervical fluid! I feel very in tune with my body in a way I've never been before."

"We are now looking at other ways to enjoy our sexuality, not just one way. I'm so glad I took [the workshop]. I am more comfortable speaking to others about FA as well as being proud of and okay with my own functions as a woman. Very empowering."



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